Friday, September 28, 2018

Dental Implants Newport Beach

Choosing Dental Implants 

Having strong and healthy teeth is not just important for overall health but also for confidence. Dentures, crowns and bridges used to be the only options to replace lost permanent teeth but dental implants offer a more stable and efficient solution for missing teeth. Most people with lost teeth prefer these restorations over the conventional methods because of their natural look, feel, and functionality. Dental implants are artificial metallic tooth roots attached into the jaw to provide a permanent support for fixed dentures These roots are titanium screws of various sizes and shapes that heal and merge with the jawbone after placement. This process takes place within three to six months, after which restoration follows. Click here find out more about dental implants.

 For a successful implant it is important to have overall good oral hygiene with no periodontal disease and have adequate solid jaw bone. Diabetics and patients taking any other type of systemic medication or being treated for bone diseases or cancer should have their condition under control to prevent any complications or any kind of surgical issue. It’s important to not smoke, especially during the osseointegration period when the artificial roots are merging with the jaw and to follow a healthy lifestyle, a good oral hygiene plan, and participate in all routine post-surgical follow-ups.

Sometimes a graft to create a solid base and to strengthen the density is needed if a patient has insufficient jawbone. This can require 6 to 9 months of healing before the actual procedure of attaching titanium posts can be done. Mini implants can also be placed if grafting is not possible. These can be placed in a smaller amount of bone because of their thinner diameter, smaller size, and shape. After implanting the screws, it takes approximately four to six months for the bone and gums to merge around the artificial root, also known as osseointegration. The dentist will schedule appointments during this healing period to monitor the general healing of the surgical area. During this time the lab will assemble a customized restoration. These new restorations will be placed once osseointegration is complete, restoring a beautiful smile that can last a lifetime.

Dental implants prevent further shifting of teeth and bone loss that develop as a result of missing teeth, which keeps adjacent teeth from cracking and fracture. They sustain facial appearance and prevent hollowed cheeks which improve appearance and speaking, They restore the function of chewing food. Many patients who seek dental implants have had tooth decay or are missing teeth and are fed up of eating and social limitations. This can allow them to enjoy a better quality of life.

Because of the complexities in dental implants, its important to choose a dentist who specializes in the field and someone you can have a good doctor-patient relationship with. Ask friends and family for referrals. choose someone that’s referred by somebody you know. If you have friends or family members who’ve undergone a successful dental implant procedure, then it’s much more practical to have yours done by the same dentist. Look at dentists’ websites and schedule a consultation visit. Ask them questions about their medical background, credentials and training. A consultation appointment is a great time to ask questions about your health and options. Having good communication between the doctor and the patient is the key to getting excellent results and an overall great experience.

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Dental Implants Newport Beach

Choosing Dental Implants  Having strong and healthy teeth is not just important for overall health but also for confidence. Dentures, cro...